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Our department members are active in the following research fields.

The area of Applied Statistics in the Department of Industrial and System Engineering at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association includes both theoretical and practical research studies about Forecasting applications of Customer Relationship Management in the field of Aviation, Statistical Design of Experiments in the field of Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval and Marketing.

Forecasting studies in our department are associated with Data Mining techniques of Clustering and Regression in Airline Industry. These studies mainly focus on the analysis of passenger behaviours based on their social network scores, and forecasting applications for customer retention and customer churn.

Design of Experiments studies in our Deparment are conducted in three different fields. In the first one, statistical planning of microarray experiments is being studied which consists of the problem of how to allocate samples to microarray chips and dyes. The planning criteria to evaluate existing plans for microarray experiments and to generate new experimental plans which we call “hybrid” designs is the main focus of the study. The second one is about designing engines that meet user expectations. The Dicrete Choice analysis techniques are assesed to optimize the search results for users satisfaction. In the third one, effective estimation of the demand and substitution rates in a retailer environment with two substituable products is being studied.

Simulation and Modelling of Air Traffic research in our Department involves analyzing air traffic flow to determine the impact in airport capacity and delays while considering the improvements on safety, efficieny and capacity aspects of airline operations.

System Engineering research activities involves the design, analysis, control and management of complex systems with the help of integrate qualitative and quantitative methods. Current research activities are can be classified in two themes; system optimization and decision systems.

Optimization research activities concerns finding solutions to complex and large-scale optimization problems with special focus on state of the art implementation of modern algorithms.

Technology and Innovation Management research activities focus on management of innovation, technology acceptance, the modelling and integration of external actors in innovation process.

Human Factors and Ergonomics research activities focus on application of the sciences of engineering to the working and living environments and especially considers design and ergonomics in aviation.


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