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Industrial Engineering is one of the popular engineering branches of ​​our age, which design, operate and manage systems and transforms resources such as knowledge, technology, manpower, raw materials, energy and capital into products and services. Unlike other branches of engineering, instead of separating a system into its parts, it treats a system as a whole. In addition, because of the fact that it addresses the human factor in any application, it is the only engineering discipline intertwined the social sciences.

Today, in line with the rapid advancement of technology there is a growing need of industrial engineers which make possible the employment of industrial engineers in important positions in a wide range of sectors including production, finance, science, telecommunications, health, logistics, tourism and consultancy.

With the developments in the aviation sector, as the number of companies providing services in areas of aircraft manufacturing industry, air maintenance and repair, ground services, air services, etc., professional management requirements of these companies are also increasing. Many of these companies are trying to satisfy their training needs either by in-service trainings or through own established academies. In this scope, graduates of our department will fill an important gap in today’s aviation industry. Our aim is to train our students in the field of aviation and air-space technologies to meet the needs of the sector.

Please click here to access the video prepared by Institute of Industrial Engineers regarding difference created by industrial and system engineers in various businesses.